We urgently need new laws to create a thriving economy,
a sustainable planet, and a humane society.

Please be that historical leader who subsidizes life, abundance, and compassion for all, before it’s too late.


A world where the climate crisis has been averted, pandemics have disappeared, and all killing and exploitation of animals has stopped.

A world where everyone lives in peace, thrives and prospers.


    • Divert subsidies to plant-based agriculture & the manufacturing of plant-based food.
    • Draft & ratify the Vegan Law bill as an emergency (ref: Coronavirus Act 2020)
    • Educate people WHY it’s essential.
    • Ban all animal related industries.


  • Vegan Law implemented.
  • All farmers are growing crops, all food manufacturers are producing plant based foods, and the government promotes the benefits of a plant based lifestyle to all. 
  • The Paris Agreement has been adhered to.


We are listing campaigns which support our vision of a thriving and compassionate society.


    • Global Warming Reversed
    • £££ Trillions Saved (health & global warming mitigation)
    • Thriving Economy
    • New Jobs
    • Lives Saved – Health Improved
    • Pandemics Eliminated
    • World Stability
    • World Peace 


Petitions which aim to stop climate catastrophe, pandemics and cruelty to animals are listed here. Please sign!